About the Characters

Biff & Mort

Biff: The brains, the sanity, the straight man of this troublesome twosome.  He is intelligent, thoughtful, inventive, and sagacious.  Survival, for him and his buddy, is his main focus in life.

Mort: His driving motivation is eating.  He is naive, yet candid, self-indulgent, but not self-centered, smart, but not sensible.  His outlandish perspective on human behavior is refreshing, witty, and provocative.

The Grossbums

Max Grossbum: An overbearing, overweight, middle-class, middle-age, American male.  When not at odds with his wife or her cat, he’s trying to match wits with his uninvited ‘tenants’.  His bullish manner belies a soft heart.

Minnie Grossbum: Although kind, tolerant, and matronly, this lady can be sarcastic, blunt, and confrontational.  Her soft heart and strong character present ample opportunities for comedic conflict.

Fluffy: The family’s Angora cat.  Hates exertion, loves relaxation.  He displays a dispassionate relationship with Biff and Mort.  His occasional forays into mouse chasing are merely an exhibition of his station as a pet supreme, or to temporarily appease his owners.

Mikey and Kitty, and Others

Mikey and Kitty: Mort and Biff’s upstairs neighbors

Gertrude and Gracie: Mikey and Kitty’s moms

These, along with other characters, will appear occasionally throughout the strip, lending depth and variety.